Today there is still hope for the American political system

This is the day of the New York primary. I have no illusions about Bernie’s chances, which is why I am writing now, in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 19th, about seven hours before the polls close. This is a very special time for those of us who believe that change in this country is absolutely necessary. Maybe change won’t come about politically. That might be asking too much of the system . . . to change itself. The reality is, the opposite seems to be happening — the two parties are deeply entrenched, shooting at anything that moves including their own shadows.  For Bernie to make it as the Democratic nominee would call for a miracle. The system would almost have to change at the soul level. And isn’t that what many of us are hoping? . . . That change will come as an awakening of the national conscience, like sleeping off a hangover? . . . That a social-political-ideological earthquake won’t be necessary? One way or another, something has to give. So watching Bernie’s credibility and popularity rise in the polls has been heartening. We who are sick to our stomaches of the creeping conservatism and rampant greed of American-style consumer-democracy . . . (Democracy? That’s a laugh!) . . . have taken heart during Berne’s run. The mere thought that he stands a chance makes me feel just a little better about our prospects. Some innocent part of me, that has somehow survived all these decades of disappointment in our system, tugs at my sleeve and says, “See? Things aren’t so bad.” So, yes, there is Bernie!  Today is special because  today, right now, as I sit in the Yellow Deli in Rutland Vermont, Bernie can still win. For seven more hours, technically six now,  I can hope that the system can really change without feeling like a dreamer!


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