Poet’s notebook: Open letter to my brother who manages the brilliant site, http://thiscantbehappening.net

Open letter to my brother who manages thiscantbehappening.net:

If nothing else, I am intuitive, so read between the lines here. I think I’m saying something important!

We need, that is, people need, to be empowered by people like you who know what’s happening behind the scenes. I’m not saying not to write articles that expose all the worms and raise the red flags,  but, in case you haven’t noticed, people are on over-whelm these days but they are also primed for real action and reform, even revolution.

In the sixties, there was just as much shit happening, maybe not with climate, but on most other fronts, but there was a message of coming together. People were having real visions! It was really similar to the days when Rome was imploding, and out of that came the message that love was the answer. Sound familiar? It’s so simple. What was happening in the early centuries AD and what was happening in the 60s was about the birth of love and compassion after the ethos of power and greed had had its day. Only now it’s not just a generational thing, and it’s certainly not just a Christian thing, it’s ubiquitous!

As a poet, I have to sort this out and wrestle with which messages I am serving.

We are witnessing the end of history. . .maybe. We are witnessing the rebirth of the human spirit. . .maybe. Different realities are true. Many realities are simultaneously true. That is what shamanism teaches. So we have to decide which ones we serve. Which basket to place our eggs in. Some realities will dry up and some will flourish, and the point to remember is, we really don’t know what is going to happen, but most likely, the vision we serve is going to happen.

Going back to the 60s, there were just as many good trips as bad, and those who weren’t having visions were picking up on a shift in the collective vision through the music and literature (i.e., the Don Juan books for example, the Beatles)  that was mainlining the psychic shift toward a new Welltanschauung. I feel that you are somewhat wasting your talents by stoking the wrong fire.

Of course things are going to hell in a hand-basket, but there is also some really amazing stuff happening and we need that kind of coverage. How can I say this? I don’t mean to sugar coat. I mean, there really is a groundswell of hope and change happening like the proverbial sprout breaking through the sidewalk. The up-coming generations need our support of that fresh powerful vision so they can clean up the train wreck after we’re  our of the picture.     Lo entrendes?


3 thoughts on “Poet’s notebook: Open letter to my brother who manages the brilliant site, http://thiscantbehappening.net

  1. garylindorff Post author

    That pretty much describes about 99 percent of what I would say about the current state of the nation and the world.
    It’s an ambitious time to say the least. Rich and Poor, Good and Bad, some one turned up the contrast on our reality
    and I think it’s us. Like a scientist staining a side to exaggerate the details so as to see them better.
    My official point of view, my ideal, (not that I always achieve it.) is to cultivate compassion for the vast spectrum of opinion that’s out there.
    To see you in me and vice versa.

    I think what smart people are realizing is that there is no solution inside “the box” to the current state of affairs.
    The way things are going those in the resistance movement may well end up in detention camps.
    The sociopaths out there in and out of government would like nothing better.
    We’ve allowed a cancer to attack the body politic. Call it greed. Call it fascism.
    Call it what ever you like.
    But I think the solution will come from outside the set know as politics. (Though it may certainly have a read out there as well)
    I believe the solution, no the healing, will come from the set known as magic and poetry….
    (call it what ever you like.)
    It may never be given credit for what it accomplishes.

    But I think anyone looking beyond the vail of illusion will see it quite plainly.

    “Art has it’s own power” – Picasso.

    The world is my shadow.
    I shall not want.
    It makeith me lie down and take a nap
    and dream.

    “For the goddess is returning
    though she never went anywhere at all.
    A with her she brings a light” – Lazaris

    I try not to waste my breath explaining this point of view to anyone embedded in the consensus point of view.
    You won’t have to convince people that matter is mostly space once they start putting their hands through walls.
    And that I believe is what’s starting to happen now…..
    — Frank Asch

    1. garylindorff Post author

      I just found this. I’m not in the habit of checking for comments but this is just right. Magic, dreaming and (capital) Dreaming holds enormous sway when its time is come. I think it is poets and dreamers and artists whose “job” is to summon that moment by conjuring their own truth and vision, like little pieces of the puzzle of the new age or time or Zeitgeist. If we were getting paid for it, it would probably fizzle.

    2. garylindorff Post author

      Ah, putting our hands through the wall, now that’s real power, power to walk through barriers. I, like you believe this will soon be possible both metaphorically and even literally, but once we are literally able to pass through solid barriers, as needed, there will have been an awakening that will see such miracles as common place and unnecessary.


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