Parallel reality — poem followed by a brief reflection

A seahorse thought,
A very small wave
Followed by another.
And way down below,
Its counterpart,
The seahorse . . .
And maybe deeper,
Some quiet resolve
To explore vast spaces
Of eternal quietude beneath oceans
That seem to never end. And yet,
Someday we wind up in the sunlight on a shore
As beautiful as any place imaginable
With no plastic
Nor any trace of war,
And there, to make peace with the memory
That we made it through
By simply being kind.

Reflection: This poem came about because I spotted a seahorse stitched into a towel in our bathroom and I couldn’t take my eyes off it as if it was trying to tell me something, something about the power of being harmless and gentle by nature and, by extension, being kind. Now, no one can prove that a seahorse is kind! But that is really not the point, although I am convinced it is, kind that is. The point is, the seahorse opened that door for me. I had a kind of vision of the seahorse deep below the strife of the world as we know it, swimming here and there and floating with the deep sea currents. And in that deep sea place below the storms, time hardly exists or matters so that too was a gift or something of a revelation. The poem begins with a gentle wave, but this poem is really about a deep Dreaming place and the idea is that whether we access this place consciously or not, it is there and maybe we spend more time there than we realize, in our deepest sleep. The poem ends in the future, or in a parallel universe outside of time entirely where there is peace and beauty and all the things our souls might help us find if given half a chance.


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