Fresh start and a reflection


I was sitting in the Yellow Deli writing.
I looked up and everyone within sight
was a person of color!

I went to the Men’s Room
to throw some water on my face
and I saw that I was a person of color.

I was green!
I returned to my table,
gathered my stuff, paid my bill,

Walked out into the street
and saw that what I suspected was true:
Not a single white person was left.

Then I looked up
and there was the great round face of the sun

I got in my car
and drove home in reverse.
The revolution had begun.

Reflection: This was a fun poem to write. I am in a writing group. There are four of us. We get together once a week. When  I shared this poem, one person in the group liked the last stanza, the other had no idea what I was saying. . .”drove home in reverse.”? Well, it’s like this: For the change we need, I am envisioning a massive shift, but more than a shift, the world would almost have to turn inside out or upside down. There would need to be a reversal of the status quo, so driving backwards seemed an apt description of how one would navigate this  post-revolutionary world.


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