Onion and Woo plan an outing followed by some thoughts

Onion finished Onion’s coffee
And was folding the paper
When Woo stumbled in rubbing Woo’s eyes.

Onion said,
Let’s go to the White House
And throw a can of paint on the entrance gate!

What color paint? Asked Woo
Looking intrigued.

I was picturing red,
Onion said.

Woo: I think yellow would be better,
Or green, so close to Easter.

But I was thinking about
How scary and hawkish Trump is, and
How he is making the whole country angry.
He seems to want to start arguments
And make wars wherever he can.
Red shows how angry I am with Trump.
I don’t like feeling like this.
Throwing paint at the White House
Might make me feel better.

You throw red, said Woo,
I’ll stick with yellow.
And let’s bring sandwiches;
They might not feed us in jail.

Onion looked outside:
Why aren’t you angry with him Woo?

Oh, I am, said Woo,
But it’s nothing compared to how happy
I am feeling about
Spending a beautiful day
Throwing paint with you, Onion.

Onion pursed Onion’s lips
And smiled for the first time in days.

In this Onion and Woo dialogue I am keeping the gender of these too ambiguous because I’m not sure if they are male or female. They keep changing, hence no pronoun. Here Woo is Woo’s usual happy self, but it is not a spacey happiness. It is more like sanguinity — Woo is confident and ever the optimist. Helping Onion deal with Onion’s anger makes Woo happy, or rather happier. Woo is rarely not happy. Also this is the first Onion / Woo poem where they are making a political statement. That feels good to me. The situation in this country calls for us making a stand and that includes Onion and Woo.


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