I am a writer / poet, dreamworker,  living in Southern Vermont with my wife, Shirley and our three cats. Author of three published works: two collections of poetry, one recent, The Last Recurrent Dream and The Blue Man: Poems for the Late Nuclear Age (originally published in 1981) and (non-fiction) New Wasichu, Crossing: Our Story is Just Beginning, a “call to redeem our ways and to begin walking a path that is spiritually and ecologically sustainable” (quoting Tom Cowan, from back cover). I am also the resident poet for the leftist internet journal,  ThisCantBeHappening.net, where several years of my posts are archived.

Counselor with a private home practice, I offer a free consult / session and am happy to adjust my fee based on financial considerations. (I am willing to work online, via email or Skype, especially when the work involves dreams.) My background is in Jungian Psychology (dreamwork and shadow work) and Shamanism (guided journeys and working directly with nature). I also offer guided wilderness fasts in the area, respectfully drawing on the traditional Native American vision quest.

I am happy to serve as a poetry coach, to critique work and assist with rewrites.

My passion is being with and working with the land. We host story fires and healing ritual on our own land, offering several events every year, advertised locally.


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